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Oct 19, 2021Forbes

Forbes: Luxurious Makeover Comes To Upper West Side Residential Selection

This 14-story architectural gem, situated on a tree-lined stretch between Broadway and Amsterdam, delivers an arresting layered and textured façade with stepped terraces that ensure no fewer than 70 percent of its residences offer outdoor space. Some terraces in the ODA-designed building are larger than the average Manhattan studio apartment, which typically comes in at about 450 to 500 square feet in size. Developed by Landsea Homes and Leyton Properties, 212 West 93rd Street provides a new perspective on Upper West Side living. According to Jed Lowry, corporate vice president of the New York City Metro Division of Landsea Homes, it does so “by blending modern and traditional architecture without sacrificing the indoor-outdoor living experience . . . ODA envisioned a building that checks all of the boxes on the modern buyer’s wish list: Large, spacious residences, most of which feature private outdoor space, and increased privacy via direct elevator entry.”

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffsteele/2021/10/19/luxurious-makeover-comes-to-upper-west-side-residential-selection/?sh=66db352e2ded